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UNS28: Kem – Come Up / Get Down

UNS28: Kem – Come Up / Get Down

by Unstable
No Responses.

Debut from Kem serving up some state-side funk and rolling robo-bass.


SIDE A: Kem – Come Up
SIDE B: Kem – Get Down
Release Date: 05/05/2012

First release of the year from Unstable show cases the talents US producer Kem. Come Up is a grooving funk fest with sliding basslines for extra wiggle. The uplifting vibe coupled with the chunky beats always gets the party started.

The second track sees Kem switch it up to 11, upping the pace for a peak time ruckus.  Get Down throws the beats into growling robo-bass to fill the vibe with attitude.


Artwork by  Skjoldbroder


Mastered at  Re:Creation Studios


DOWNLOAD UNS028A – Kem – Come Up

DOWNLOAD UNS028B – Kem – Get Down